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Hi!! Supongo que la mayoría en tumblr se pregunta ¡¿Quién habla español,plz!? ;-;!! Yo hablo xDD, y un poquito inglés -3-! Bien, con respecto al ask box, lo abriré dentro de poquito, podrán preguntar por Bryan (contraparte masculina) o por Rocío (Yop °3°) Con gusto responderemos a ustedes, y esperamos que disfruten (Nota: Sentimos si cuando abrimos el ask box, hay equivocaciones con el inglés... tenemos mucho inglés, pero no el suficiente ^^U)


My first drawing nsfw >///< It took almost the whole day (i’m very slow drawing) but i finished it


My first drawing nsfw >///< It took almost the whole day (i’m very slow drawing) but i finished it

hazardous-cookies said: HiJack, Modern AU, Hiccup and Jack are expecting their first child and Hiccup is due any day ; they're relaxing one weekend, talking about what the baby will look like


Did I hear someone call for an Mpreg, Lord???

'Do you think he'll have my eyes?'

Jack glances down at his lover, hands still crawling gently along his heaving stomach and marvelling at the life form hidden inside it, ‘Not too sure. Green eyes are rare. Chances are he’ll have my eyes and your hair.’

'That would be lovely,' Hiccup rested his head back against his lover's shoulder, 'A little mini-me with big blue eyes. Just perfect.'

'You never know, it might be a girl.'

'No, I'm quite certain with a boy. Astrid was telling me they're shaped in different ways. We're definitely having a boy, though I think it's a good idea that we painted its room yellow just in case.'

'Well, girl or boy, they'll be beautiful. I mean, with you as their mother how could they possibly not be beautiful?'

Hiccup rolled his eyes fondly at this compliment and gently kissed those awaiting pink lips. Jack pulled away briefly to grab the paper from the bedside table and begin flicking through it.

'Who knows, you may be right. Chances are it'll be a little snow blonde with green eyes. It's possible. Mind you, you can never tell with genes…'

'Uh, Jack…'

'Could very well come out with brown eyes from some unknown great grandfather. I've seen it happen. Science is so weird.'


'I mean, take my Mom for example. Brown hair, blue eyes, yet her parents were the complete opposite-'

'Jack, I think I'm going into labour.'

'That's lovely Hiccup. Now my grandparents on the other hand…hold on, come again?’

hazardous-cookies said: (Pssstttt lat one from me XD) pregnant hiccup complaining and cutely whining to jack about how big he is and how he can't do anything like get his leg on or fit at the table ;)


'Jack, do I look fat in this?'

Jack’s eyes barely looked up from the magazine he was flicking through, ‘Of course not dear, you look positively divine.’

'You're not even looking.'

The snow haired boy turned to his husband, observing the loose shirt he was wearing, the one with the small dragon on it, ‘It looks fine.’

'But do I look fat?'

'Well, you are pregnant dear…’

Hiccup growled and began struggling to get the shirt off, ‘I swear, the sooner this baby jumps out of me the better. I want my figure back.’

'Hiccup, calm down,' Jack returned to his magazine, 'You're only five months into pregnancy - there's still a lot more baby to come!'

Not the best thing he could have said.

'So I'm gonna get even fatter?’ Hiccup stared at himself in the mirror, hands falling on the bulge in his abdomen, ‘This is terrible. I’ll never be attractive again!’

'You're always attractive to me, darling.'

'I mean, I've noticed that I've started having trouble getting my leg on in the mornings,' Hiccup prattled on, completely disregarding this statement, 'Like, you know the part of my thigh that it attaches onto? It's a chore bending down and clipping the two pieces of metal together…'

'I've offered to help.'

'And don't even get me started on those dinner parties you insist on having. I can barely fit at the table! Everyone looks at me as if they've been seated next to an elephant!'

'Bit of an overstatement, Hic.'

Sighing, Hiccup went and flopped himself down on his husband’s lap, ‘Why does pregnancy come with so many hardships?’

'Probably so when the baby comes you realise that all the hard work was worth it,' Jack curled his arms around him, 'Now how about you, Junior and I watch some TV?'

'Oh, good idea. There's a brilliant show on about classical music that I think the baby will love.'

'Hiccup, I don't care what your childcare book says - listening to Beethoven's 9th symphony over and over will not make the baby come out any faster.'

'But Jaaack…’

Anónimo said: Hiccup is a butterfly and Jack's cute little friend who sits in his shoulder and tugs his hair when he wants something ?? :3


Jack busied himself in sorting out the flower pots for the morning market; it being a Sunday, the florist’s busiest day, his Boss liked to have the carnations and roses in the front of the shop to attract the attention of the folk leaving the Church. The elder ladies were always attracted to the roses, Jack had been told and he needed to ensure they were as pristine and presentable as he could make them.

Something fluttered by his ear as his hands worked away at the plants and he felt a distinct tug at his hair - a very gentle tug, but it was most definitely there. A familiar pair of little yellow wings fluttered close to his cheek.

'Hello, my darling,' he whispered, holding out a hand for the tiny butterfly boy to perch on his fingertips, 'What's the matter, love? Did you want something?'

The minuscule being nodded, his little head bobbing and he tugged Jack’s hair again, pointing to the flowers.

'You want one?' Jack asked, 'Of course you can have one. Which one do you want?'

The boy leaped off his shoulder a moment to hover over the flowers, feeling along each petal, sniffing the pollen until he settled on one of the daises and held it close to him.

'You want the daisy?' 

His response was another nod.

'I'm sure my Boss won't notice one missing,' he smiled and allowed the tiny boy to clamber into his palm again, 'You take care of that daisy now. Its pollen is what keeps you strong. Don't waste it, my little one. Do you promise?'

His tiny friend nodded his head quickly and flapping his little wings, hovered close to the snow-haired boy’s face so his small lips could carefully kiss the larger ones opposite. 


Fall!Spirit!Hiccup helps the animals get ready to hibernate and so when winter comes, he crawls into his den with a few animals to hibernate with them. His belly is a bit rounder since he stored up fat to hold him for the next few months.

Jack think’s it’s adorable that he’s got a pot belly and…

Anónimo said: Don't know if you're taking request still or not but how about a drabble of preggo!Hiccup dealing with the cons of a baby belly (getting up, putting on clothes, etc.) and one day he breaks the scale and papa!Jack does something sweet for him?


There was nothing that pained Jackson Overland Frost more than seeing his husband in a state.

And that’s exactly how Hiccup was today - mind you, he was frequently in a state due to his good friend hormones always kicking in but today it was different; today he was genuine down, depressed and Jack could tell as soon as he came in from work that something was amiss. He had found Hiccup weighing himself obsessively, as if hoping each time there would be a different outcome on the scale. There never was and today it was too much to bear.

Jack was used to this procedure; he calmly led his lover down to the couch and as soon as he had seated himself on it, Hiccup curled up on his lap, put both arms around his neck and began sobbing loudly into his neck.

'I'm disgusting,' he wept, nuzzling his face into the security of his lover's front, barely noticing the warm kiss that was pressed against his forehead, 'I'm just fat and useless and disgusting.’

'Hiccup, darling, you're just stressed,' Jack murmured to him, gently rocking him back and forth to soothe his sobbing, 'You're not disgusting, you could never be disgusting to me. Ssh now, love. It's not good for you or the baby to get all worked up like this.'

Hiccup managed to calm himself down long enough to mumble, ‘I just wish it wasn’t so hard. I can’t do the same things I used to do. I can barely dress myself, I take up so much space…’

'And it'll all be over soon,' Jack assured him, 'And we'll have a beautiful bouncing baby at the end of it all. It'll be worth it, won't it?'

'I suppose.'

Jack can tell he’s not fully convinced. He decides now is the time to show him the book.

'Can I show you something, Hic?'

Hiccup wiped his eyes, ‘What is it?’

Jack shifted off the couch a moment and disappeared from the room a while; when he returned, he was carrying a small box in his hands, containing a single blue leather book.

'I bought this shortly after you told me you were expecting.'

Hiccup opens it and all he sees are photos of the two of them - and some of Hiccup alone, holding his stomach, smiling, laughing and sometimes making that face that tells Jack to turn the damn camera off. Jack has written under some of the photos.

My beautiful hubby just after our 1st scan.

Hic being as gorgeous as ever Xx

Can’t wait for our kiddo to arrive. I know he’ll have the best Momma ever (Hic would kill me if he knew I wrote Momma.) 

Hiccup cocks an eyebrow at Jack, ‘Momma? Really Jack?’

Jack grins sheepishly, ‘The point is, Hic, I know you’re beautiful. You may not believe me right now but things will get easier when the baby comes. Just promise me you’ll have faith in yourself. Can you promise me that, Hic?’

Hiccup lowers his eyes slightly, ‘I’ll try Jack…I promise I’ll try.’

He leaned into his lover’s warmth as Jack took him in his arms again, his hands cupping that heaving belly that safely held their child.

'What would I do without you, Jack?'


So I finally uploaded it!

Part 3 of the “Invisible People” - No longer a Secret.

Watch on Youtube for the full playlist :)


For the First time in Forever! (Hijack Style)

In Which Bubbles is on a Crusade to take all songs from Frozen and Hijack them. :’D Apologies in advance for the terrible attempt at Teenage boyness. (Pitch Bent)

If anyone wants to take a bash at this, please feel free to use my lyrics: 




The axes are raised and so’s that torch

A nadder just set fire to my front porch

The adults scream and charge right through the blaaaaaze

But When I try to answer battle calls

They keep me cooped up working at this stall!

I want to break away from my malaise!

To be an actual real life Viking

Would be awesome, SPECTACULAR, GREAT!

Hell, I might just even get a daaaaaate~

For the first time in forever

I could contribute just fine!

I’ll account for wind and weather

Then a dragon’s hide is mine!

I know that there’s been issues

with calibration to surmount

but this time I’ve really got it

One sure shot, I’ll make it count!

…What if they want to hold a banquet it my honour? I can just picture it…

Envisioning Dad stood proud and tall

Mounting a head upon the wall

Perhaps even coveting my prize.

Astrid would see me strong and tough

And maybe just a little bit more buff

Heck she might just see a hero rise!

And we’d feast and toast to Odin

who’d be blessing one and all

If I navigate this rigmarole!

Excuse me!

For the first time in forever

bathed in heavy crimson light

I could shock and awe my village

if I slay a beast tonight.

My chances are slimmer than I am

but with this neat catapult

Come lightning, death or Valkyries

This plan just can’t have a fault.

…I hope.

Year after year, why can’t they see

There’s no reason to be afraid of me?

I’m not a wraith, a dark mistake

My ice and snow are there to help the fun

I wish to make.

My true nature will be shown-

My true nature will be shown!

I will prove it on my own-

I will prove it on my own!

My face will finally be well known-

Well Known!

For the first time in forever

Blow them away and take a dive,

I won’t be called second rate

Without joy they’ll never thrive,

I’ll become a real warrior

I feel… Believe that now’s my time to shine!

And accept my noble fate

I know the raid’s nearly over

My assault needs to be strong!

Load and lock my secret weapon

Mount and aim my Hi-tech cross hairs

Nothing will go Wrooooong-!


Watch it, Kid!

(Also credit to hijackspace for the cover image.~)

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Anónimo said: HiJack drabble where Jack is a prince and he and his recent husband Hiccup are in bed with their new baby.


More Mpreg? Do I hear a whoop whoop?


'He's filth.'

Jack paused in gently stroking his lover’s shoulder, eyes swivelling up to glare at the guard by the door who sharpened his sword in a deathly slow motion as if imagining it was the Viking’s neck.

What did you just say?’ asked the prince of Burgess, heir to the throne of the wealthiest nation known to man.

'He's filth,' replied Aster Bunnymund curtly, examining his work, 'I don't know what your father was thinking, allowing you to interbreed with Viking blood.' 

'I could have you hanged for making such comments, Bunnymund,' Jack edged closer to his sleeping lover, 'You seem to forget that I am your prince and this “filth” you speak of is my husband.’

'If you hanged me you would have no one to watch you while you sleep,' Bunnymund grunted, 'I'll admit, the boy is sweet, beautiful to look at. And yes, he gave you a son,' he glanced at the babe that was tucked safely under Hiccup's neck, 'But I think you know deep down that it's unnatural, it's wrong.'

Jack cocked an eyebrow, ‘I never realised that falling in love was unnatural.’

'Love my ass. You were betrothed to the princess of Arendelle at two years old which quickly switched to the Princess of Corona when you were seven - and don't even get me started on that fiery little red-head from DunBroch-'

'I am aware that my parents were only concerned with making alliances with other kingdoms,' Jack cut in and he glanced down at the boy sleeping next to him, 'But when I told them I wasn't interested in females when I was thirteen, they respected my wishes. They found me a husband. And yes, I was sceptical about being betrothed to someone I barely knew but after a year together I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. He understands me, he listens, he loves me for myself and not my title. Isn't that what really matters, Bunny?'

A pale, protective hand ran up the bare shoulder of the dozing Viking, caressing every freckle on that beautiful tanned skin that peeked out from the snow white toga he always liked to wear. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the III, son of the Chief of Berk. An unlikely alliance but nevertheless a solid one. This wasn’t a marriage about money or success in war. It was a marriage about love, what every marriage should be.

And after their son came along, six months after their marriage, their bond was stronger than ever.

'I'll call you when the cooks have breakfast ready,' was all Bunnymund said, still not convinced and he turned back to walk up the steps. 

The little one stirred and began to whine and almost automatically Hiccup’s eyes fluttered open and he leaned down to kiss the precious little being. Jack’s mouth stretched into a proud smile as his lover soothed the child’s crying and then craned his head around to place a delicate kiss on the prince’s lips.

'Forgive me for sleeping so long, your Grace,' he said in a whisper.

'You need your rest as much as I do, my love,' Jack murmured back, 'And how many times must I remind you, my sweet one, to call me Jack?'

'I don't think I'll ever be able to get used to that, your Grace,' Hiccup replied, turning to the baby again, 'I better get our son fed.'

Jack brushed his nose against the nape of Hiccup’s neck, gazing down at the tiny bundle of darkish brown hair and startling blue eyes, ‘Isn’t he magnificent?’

'He has the fearless blood of his father running in his veins,' Hiccup turned his head and nuzzled his face against the warm skin of Jack's shoulder, 'You are what makes him truly magnificent, my Lord.’

It saddened Jack that Hiccup found himself so invaluable. No doubt it had something to do with the way people spoke bitterly about him behind his back the same way Aster Bunnymund did. But the people could talk until the walls of the kingdom came crashing down and he would still be in love with Hiccup Haddock. Nothing and no one was every going to change his mind.

He took the boy’s chin between his thumb and forefinger, gently stroking that perfectly sculpted jawline as Hiccup looked up at him with worshipping eyes, willing to go to any corner of the Earth just to please his prince. 

'My shining star…' Jack said in a tender whisper and he needn't have said anything else. He pulled his lover; the very sun, moon and stars of his life and sealed their lips together in a kiss that promised a lifetime of love and protection for both him and their beautiful son. 


boys in fabulous get ups

for bubbles, with love<3


read it on the AO3 at


Excerpt from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Day of Silence, The. n A day, usually falling in the third week of April of the Gregorian calendar, when humans of heterosexual orientation are physically muted by an internal biological…



(submitted by: fanofallthingsadorkable)

Hijack/Frostcup- Freckles

Lying spread-eagle across their unmade bed, clad in nothing but an old pair of jeans that were too short to wear out after his latest growth spurt but were perfect for padding around the apartment barefoot in, Hiccup was a sight to behold. And behold Jack did. He stood in the doorway of their bedroom, eyes roaming over the pale skin of Hiccup’s back- no matter how tall and fit and hot Hiccup got, he would always be self-conscious of showing more skin than necessary, even at the pool. The light tone of his skin only made the smattering of freckles over his shoulders and down his back stick out more. Those damn freckles.

Jack silently tiptoed over to the bed, climbing on and crawling to sit, straddling Hiccup’s waist. The brunette gave a questioning noise, but Jack was too focused to respond.

Though he had tried rolling the tube in his hands to warm it up, the paint must have been cold, as Hiccup hissed a little at the first brush stroke across his back. He lifted his head and looked over his shoulder, quirking a brow upwards. “What are you doing, Jack?”

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